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About us...
extraxi offers world class products & consultancy in the field of enterprise AAA and data migration with a number of ex-cisco personnel who have helped secure some of the worlds largest fixed and wireless deployments

aaa-reports! upgrade FAQ

Hopefully the Q&As below should answer any questions regarding our upgrade policies, but if not please feel free to ping us! 

I already own a previous version of aaa-reports! How much does it cost to upgrade?
Customers with active (and un-broken) maintenance contracts are entitled to free minor upgrades (eg v2.1 to v2.2). On request we will issue a new Activation Key licensed for the same number of servers as your existing key. We will send out automated emails informing customers when their maintenance contracts are due for renewal. However, eligibility for free upgrades is lost once the contract expires so it is important that customers manage their contracts adequately. For major upgrade pricing or any upgrade outside of an active support contract, please contact us.

How do I get hold of the new version?
To get your software simply request the trial version from http://www.extraxi.com/requestTrial.htm

You will receive an automated response with a link to our download page where you can download aaa-reports! v2.0 and latest trial versions of other available products. The trial versions can then be permanently enabled with the appropriate Activation Keys.

As with all new software, we advise you to install in a non-production environment first.

How do I download the new Automation Module?
The aaa-reports! download includes the optional Automation Module.

Will my new activation key permanently enable the Automation Module?
No. The Activation Key enables the standard aaa-reports! features only. To enable the optional Automation Module you need to purchase an Automation Key.

Will aaa-reports! v2.2 upgrade my old version?
v2.2 installs alongside your existing version so that it is possible to evaluate the new features and functionality before deciding to switch over. It does not upgrade or break v1.x. We recommend any evaluation be performed in a non-production environment. Configuration from v2.x may be backed up and imported into v2.2 after installation.

We've increased the number of AAA servers, do we need a new license?
If you've increased your number of AAA servers since your original purchase then you'll need to purchase a Server-Count Upgrade to get the right key for your current server count. aaa-reports! is licensed by the number of AAA servers it reports on and the Activation Key permits use with the specific number of servers you choose to license for.

What is the cost for a Server-Count Upgrade?
The cost of a server-count upgrade is the difference in cost between the new license for your current number of servers less the cost of the license for the original number of servers. e.g. If you originally purchased a license for 2 servers and now have 3 then you’ll need to upgrade from AAARSHL-02 to AAARSHL-03 and from AAARSUP-02-12 to AAARSUP-03-12 and pay the difference in cost between the products. (Price list available on request in USD/EUR/GBP.)

How do I activate aaa-reports! and the add-on Automation Module?
The aaa-reports! download is fully enabled for 60 days, including the optional Automation Module. To permanently enable aaa-reports! enter your Activation Key into aaa-reports! under Options, Activation.

NOTE: If you have NOT purchased the Automation Module but would like to evaluate its benefits then please do so within 60 days and BEFORE entering your product Activation Key as this will disable Automation until the Automation Key is entered. 

After you enable aaa-reports! you will be required to enter the names of the ACS servers you want to report on. You must also ensure your ACS log files contain the "AAA Server" attribute. There is a 45 day grace period in case you need to modify your ACS logging configuration. (See the installed help documentation for full details.)

What is extraxi's licensing policy?
Our products are licensed by the number of AAA servers in use, including backup servers. Product Activation and Automation Keys include the AAA server count and enable the products to work with that number of servers.

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