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About us...
extraxi offers world class products & consultancy in the field of enterprise AAA and data migration with a number of ex-cisco personnel who have helped secure some of the worlds largest fixed and wireless deployments

aaa-reports! for Cisco Secure ACS & Funk/Juniper SBR

aaa-reports! comprehensive feature set provides compelling solutions for reporting & log data management

  • NEW! Multi-DB. aaa-reports! v2.3 now supports multiple back-end databases allowing you to partition reporting any way you want to, for example logs from your Dial/VPN service go into one database and logs from 802.1x into another. Multi-Db is perfect for use with csvsplit - you can split CSV logs on any given attribute then import each set into their own database.
  • NEW! Import Wizard. The Import Wizard guides new and existing users through the import process.
  • NEW! One Click Import. Importing large amounts of logs is now much simpler with auto-purging of old data when required.
  • NEW! Enhanced UserList Support. If you currently import your list of ACS usernames & groups for inactivity auditing, you can now run our new script on the ACS server to generate a CSV of users & groups and import this directly.
  • Enhanced TACACS+ Device Admin (TDA) Audit Reports. Until now documenting your ACS configuration (for example as part of a SOX submission) has been a real headache. With aaa-reports! you can generate summary and details reports on all aspects of a TDA deployment:

    • TACACS+ service (shell/pixshell) authorisation and provisioning
    • Network Access Restrictions (NAR)
    • Device Command Sets (DCS)
    • Enable authorisation
    • Network Device Groups (NDG)
    • User level overrides
    • Unreferenced DCS/NAR
    • Who can/cant do what/where reports (eg what devices can a user access and what commands are allowed?)
    • New TDA reports work with ACS versions 3.x (software only) and 4.x (software & appliance)

  • ACS Database Import Support. To make full use of the new TDA features you first need to import your ACS Database. The following options are supported:

    • ACS v4.x software & appliance - "package.cab" support file (includes group/user db & network config)
    • ACS v3.x software - "acsdb.cab" generated by our new getacsdb utility. This captures both user/group db and network config plus packages them into a .cab file

  • Automation Add-on Module (AM) Support. Using the add-on automation module you can create batches of reports that are run on a schedule. With csvsync and automated data import the solution is now "deploy & forget". Note that csvsync and AM are licensed separately.
  • Report Batches. Now you can create "batches" of reports (canned & custom) each with its own parameter sets and delivery options (email, web etc)
  • SMTP Client for email reports. Have reports emailed directly to the right people as they are generated. Supports both anonymous and authenticated SMTP.
  • Active ACS file/Appliance support. By importing the currently active logs at various times during the day aaa-reports! can offer pseudo real-time reporting. ACS appliances are hard coded to rollover logs on size (rather than daily) and so importing the active logs is essential.
  • Configuration Backup/Restore. Backup your aaa-reports! config for safe keeping.
  • Comprehensive set of standard canned reports. Summary and detailed reports for security, audit, trend analysis, billing, NAC, SOX... that every enterprise needs to understand how your network is really being used!
  • Advanced data management. Flexible tools to manage the full data lifecycle from importing raw data, log file management and data archiving. 
  • Multi protocol support. Both RADIUS, TACACS+ and other 3rd party attribute-value-pair based protocols supported. 
  • Multi device support. Supports dial, VPN, WLAN, firewall and device administration.
  • Advanced search tools & custom reports. Perform complex queries and searches across multiple data sets using the Query Builder with no in-depth knowledge of databases or SQL required. 
  • Flexible report operation. Select specific reports to run immediately or run batches of reports. 
  • Share the generated reports. Email report PDFs to colleagues or post them directly to your intranet web/file server
  • Multi format output. Choose between printed, Adobe PDF and Microsoft Snapshot format reports.
  • AAA Server Support. Works with ALL versions of Cisco ACS (Software & Appliance) and Funk/Juniper SBR
  • Multi OS Support. Runs Windows 2K/03 Server and also on Windows 2K/XP Pro for a low cost solution.

aaa-reports! can answer all the above questions... and many more!

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ACS 5 Support

aaa-reports! enterprise v1.2

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TACACS+ Device Admin (TDA)

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