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About us...
extraxi offers world class products & consultancy in the field of enterprise AAA and data migration with a number of ex-cisco personnel who have helped secure some of the worlds largest fixed and wireless deployments

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"Our initial evaluation of Extraxi's aaa-reports! capability highlighted that it could become an important complimentary utility to the core AAA functionality provided by our Cisco Secure ACS system. The analysis and reports it generates enhance our ability to control and report access of our network devices. It's time-saving functionality, ease of use and reliability in service led to aaa-reports! becoming an integral component of our network management infrastructure"

Global Payments

"Your product is the best! I got aaa-reports! when we where migrating our VPN users from one location to another. It was close to a 10,000 user move. With minimal setup I was able to create reports that where giving to the migration relocation team, CIO and CEO. I was able to show the progress of the migration on a day to day basis. aaa-reports! made reporting on the move so easy it was fantastic. It has also become an indispensable tool for trouble shooting connection, authentication and billing problems."

Carolinas Healthcare

"aaa-reports allowed us to conduct a feasibility study for migrating dialup users from one location to another. We could quickly analyze which users were the most active and with a pricing model in the billing report, anticipate the impact of long distance charges on a per user basis within a minute or two. We are also using some of the standard reports as part of our ongoing audit process for remote vendors"


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