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csvsplit for "managed AAA hosting"


automated csv log splitting & filtering
csvsplit is a simple to use windows command line program that allows any number of csv files to be split into separate file sets based upon a specified match criteria. For example, splitting accounting data based on the values within the "Group" column - a new csv file is created for each unique value found in the Group column (eg admins, sales, engineering).

In case there is some sensitive data that must be removed from the split csv file set, csvsplit also provides for simple filtering whereby rows can be excluded based on simple pattern matching.

csvsplit works in several modes:

  • autosplit mode. In autosplit mode csvsplit automatically creates a new csv file for each unique value found in the "split field". So, if the "Group" column was set as the split column and a csv file contained rows with 10 different values of "Group", the result would be 10 separate split csv's
  • configured mode. In configured mode, you specify which values of the split column you are interested in. csvsplit splits out any rows that match and ignores any others.

csvsplit is the perfect companion for csvsync & aaa-reports! as shown in the example deployment below where "Managed AAA" services are hosted by a provider. CSV data (such as passed authentications, failed attempts, RADIUS/TACACS accounting etc) is downloaded automatically (via csvsync) then split out into a file set per-customer.

With aaa-reports! v2.2 Multi-DB feature you can now import the separate groups of split CSV logs into their own back-end database. An example scenario is in the case of a managed AAA service provider who uses multiple ACS servers to provide AAA services to a number of client organisations. Each client organisation is configured in ACS with its own Network Device Group. By splitting all the ACS logs on the Network Device Group attribute and importing the split logs into separate databases the service provider is able to maintain customer-specific aaa-reports! databases. This results in more secure reporting and allows for all the reports to be customer specific without having to write custom queries to filter out unwanted data.

  csvsplit is particularly useful for managed AAA hosting where sub-sets of logged data are required by clients for their own reporting purposes. Typically in these hosted AAA scenario's each client will have one or more ACS groups allocated to them. With csvsplit it is easy to rip only the csv rows that are destined for that customer. Many AAA "providers" generate extra revenue by charging for this service (either for supply of log data only or log data + aaa-reports!)  

csvsplit usage

csvsplit is ideal for use in conjunction with the Windows Scheduler service and csvsync to provide your managed clients with up-to-date, relevant and secure log data. We recommend you write a .bat or .cmd file, for example:



for %%csv in (*.csv) do c:\utils\csvsplit -i split.ini -f %%csv

above example assumes that csvsplit.exe is located in c:\utils. For details of the .ini file content please refer to the documentation that comes with the csvsplit install


csvsplit command line options

Options Description Notes
-i <inifile> Name of .ini file holding csvsplit config Mandatory parameter


-f <csv filename> CSV file to be split Mandatory parameter.


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