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extraxi offers world class products & consultancy in the field of enterprise AAA and data migration with a number of ex-cisco personnel who have helped secure some of the worlds largest fixed and wireless deployments

how do I automate my reporting solution?


automation module for aaa-reports! (AM) introduces the ability to collect/import logs and generate reports at scheduled times  so that you can install and configure it once - then forget about it. AM adds a new configuration tab inside aaa-reports! that allows the user to create any number of report batches. Each batch may comprise multiple canned & custom reports (each with its own parameter set) and its own publishing scheme (such as intranet web/file server or email recipient list).

The reports are either emailed to the relevant recipients or published on your intranet web/file server, or both.

With the AM installed aaa-reports! now exposes several new command line switches (for import & report generation) that allow for customised scripts to be written. The Windows built-in Scheduled Tasks wizard makes it straight forward to execute the script at the required times. The script can be written in your preferred language (command shell, VB Script, or other) .

The automation module is automatically installed alongside aaa-reports! v2 but licensed separately.

aaa-reports! with add-on automation module

For a detailed description of automation and the related configuration tasks read the Automation Configuration Guide

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