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About us...
extraxi offers world class products & consultancy in the field of enterprise AAA and data migration with a number of ex-cisco personnel who have helped secure some of the worlds largest fixed and wireless deployments


The leading reporting solution for Cisco Secure ACS just got better!


NEW Support for ACS v5
Using the new collector/parser it is now possible to import ACS v5 data right alongside existing ACS v3/v4 servers!

  Web Reports Add On
The newly released web add-on provides AJAX based search/display/export features using just your web browser. Using Windows + IIS authentication you can make the ACS server log data securely available to anyone in your organisation to aid with fault finding, forensics, capacity planning etc.

All the features of aaa-reports! v2.x
aaa-reports! enterprise edition has all of the features of aaa-reports! v2.x plus a whole lot more! Click here for a screenshot and here for a comparison matrix

Full Reporting and Audit Compliance Features
aaa-reports! enterprise edition can remotely import all log types from any number of ACS servers of any version/type using a scheduled bulk pull. A comprehensive set of canned & custom reports can be emailed directly to multiple recipient lists. The Advanced Query Builder exposes all the flexibility of the underlying relational database with none of the complexity for "deep dive" forensics. All this plus ACS database policy documentation & audit compliance reports.

SQL Server Database Technology for Vastly Increased Capacity
aaa-reports! enterprise edition uses SQL Server Express databases for up to 48GB of storage capacity plus the ability to create database Snapshots for keeping an unlimited volume of historic data. SQL Server Express is fully embedded and requires no specific database management for total ease of use. For those who prefer to use their existing SQL Server infrastructure then simply connect aaa-reports! enterprise to your full version of SQL Server for unlimited capacity

Advanced Filtering for Reports
Pick any canned report and instantly filter the dataset behind it.. by Group, Network Device Group, AAA Server name etc. In fact by any combination of attributes, for example you could choose to run a failed attempts summary report, between two given dates, on a specific AAA Server and Group. You get to choose how wide or narrowly focused the reports are - just enter a value for each attribute you want to filter on then choose the condition (equals/not equals, like/not like etc)

Enhanced Report Design in the Query Builder
When creating a custom report in the query builder you can now re-order and rename (alias) columns. Additionally it is now possible to include calculated fields and even enter complex expressions using the expression builder. The aaa-reports! import and event logs are now available as datasets facilitating the creation of reports to monitor aaa-reports! itself!

Flexible Licensing
Available in two suites: Professional and Standard. aaa-reports! enterprise edition pro includes both csvsync remote log collection and automation in the purchase price and ships with a 2 AAA server license. aaa-reports! enterprise edition std includes just the automation module. Licenses for additional AAA servers available in units of 2, 4, 8 or 10 servers.

NEW Automated ACS Dump/Cab Import*
You asked and we listened! aaa-reports! enterprise edition v1.2 can import the ACS database data as part of the normal automated import cycle. The csvsync v3.0 collection tool can now also remotely ask the ACS server to generate the database package cab file and download it!

NEW Database Snapshots
Also new in v1.1 you can automatically (or manually) create snapshot copies of the current log database at annual, quarterly, or even monthly intervals so that every log ever imported is always accessible. Whilst the current “live” database holds your most recent data, and is optimized for fast and efficient reporting, snapshots provide immediate access to older data from any previous period. This database architecture provides unlimited capacity (subject only to disk space) without compromising performance.


aaa-reports! enterprise edition will be sold alongside aaa-reports! v2.x and primarily caters for those customers who have a complex AAA deployment and/or generate significant volumes of log data. Enterprise also offers greater flexibility to filter canned reports and has significantly improved custom report facilities that can benefit AAA deployments of any size and complexity.

aaa-reports! enterprise edition available now

*Requires ACS v4.1(4) or later

Whats New?

ACS 5 Support

aaa-reports! enterprise v1.2

csvsync v3.0

web reports v1.0

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