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extraxi offers world class products & consultancy in the field of enterprise AAA and data migration with a number of ex-cisco personnel who have helped secure some of the worlds largest fixed and wireless deployments

Support for Cisco Secure ACS v5.x

NEW! extraxi now supports ACS 5.x logging

automated csv log capture from multiple ACS 5 Servers
What? ACS 5 doesn't support CSV logging!!

Correct, until now customers wanting to deep dive the diagnostic and protocol logs generated by their ACS v5 appliances had no choice other than to troll through large, complex and proprietary formatted text log files where all kinds of events exist in the same single file - the local log store. Alternatively, customers could access session/protocol-only data via the ACS reporting server, provided they are happy to tie up one or more ACS appliances to run as "remote log receivers".

Extraxi's new ACS5 toolset supports both the automated bulk collection of logs from the ACS appliance and a powerful .net based parser to pull out just the data you want back into the configurable formatted CSV files.




The default configuration supports the creation of CSV files matching the ACS v3.x/4.x format which can be imported straight into extraxi aaa-reports! alongside existing data. Alternatively the parser configuration file can be edited to generate CSVs using the full rich content of the ACS 5.x log data ready for import into 3rd party solutions, or even purely for archiving.

Aggregation of data from multiple ACS servers, even if geographically remote or distributed over a WAN now becomes simple. Much like csvsync for ACS v3/v4, the ACS5 log collector features a built-in SSH and FTP client that connect to the ACS, generate a backup and download direct to your PC.

Get the product documentation here.

  Extraxi ACS5 log support is the perfect companion for aaa-reports! allowing for fast, secure and automated download of your ACS log data. However, it can can still be used stand-alone for the purposes of automated log retrieval and archiving.  


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ACS 5 Support

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